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Dr Abdullah Abdullah


Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Abdullah

Name: Abdullah, Abdullah, Dr.

Ethnic background: Tajik

Date of Birth: 1960

Former Functions: Ministry of Defense, MOD, Kabul, Director General (1993-1996), Deputy Foreign Minister (1996), Minister of Foreign Affairs Interim Administration of Afghanistan (2001-2006), Presidential Candidate in 2009

Source Afghan Bio


Abdullah Abdullah is a politician in Afghanistan and a doctor of medicine. He was an adviser and a close friend of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Northern Alliance leader and commander known as the “Lion of Panjshir,” who was assassinated in September 2001.[2] After the fall of the Taliban regime, Dr. Abdullah served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan from 2001 until 2005. During the Jihad time Abdullah was the bodyguard of Ahmad Shah Masoud in Panjshir.

In 2009, Abdullah ran as an independent candidate in the Afghan presidential election and came in second place with 30.5% of the total votes. On November 1, 2009, Abdullah quit the runoff election that would have taken place six days later, on November 7, due to allegations of electoral fraud. In 2010, he created the Coalition for Change and Hope, which is one of the leading democratic opposition movement in Afghanistan.[3][4] In 2011, the coalition was transformed into the National Coalition of Afghanistan, which is supported by dozens of Afghan political parties and members of parliament challenging the government of Hamid Karzai.[5] He is currenly one of the ten qualified candidates in the 2014 presidential election, which is expected to be held in April of 2014. –  WIKIPEDIA



Afghan Biography site Afghan Bio writes:

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah son of Ghulam Muhayuddin Khan (senator of the last period of Parliament) was born on Mizan 15th, 1339 (1960) in a religious family in Kabul. Abdullah’s father from Kandahar region was a Pashtun — an ethnic group that comprises 42 percent of the population and accounts for the overwhelming majority of Taliban ranks. His mother was Tajik, an ethnic group in the north that makes up 27 percent. Despite a Pashtun heritage, Abdullah is widely perceived as a northern Tajik because of his intimate association with the Northern Alliance. Abdullah’s close ties to the Alliance would make it more difficult for him to reach out to the Taliban than Karzai, who was born in the Taliban heartland of Kandahar province.

His primary education was in Mohd. Ayob Khan School and graduated from Naderia High School in 1355 (1976). He joined the medical faculty in 1356 and earned his degree in 1983. He was at service in Noor hospital as an eye Doctor until 1363.

He immigrated to Pakistan in 1363 and worked as an ophtalmologist at Syed jamal-ud-Din Hospital. In 1364 he joined the fronts of Jihad and served as the health in charge of Panjsher front and afterwards as an advisor to Ahmad Shah Masood until Kabul was freed.

From 1992 to 1996 he was the Chief of the staff and spokesman for the Defense Ministry. In 1997 he was the deputy foreign minister. In 1999 he was the acting foreign minister. After the fall of Taliban in 2001, he was the foreign minister during interim and transitional periods.

On May 6, 2009 Abdullah registered as an Independent candidate for the 2009 Afghan presidential election. He has selected Humayun Shah Asefi as his First Vice President and Dr Cheragh Ali Cheragh (a Shia Hazara surgeon from Kabul) as his Second Vice President..

He came in second place with 30.5% of the total votes. On November 1, 2009, Abdullah quit the runoff election that would have taken place six days later, on November 7, due to large-scale allegations of fraud against his opponent Hamid Karzai. In 2010 Abdullah created the Coalition for Change and Hope which is the leading democratic opposition movement in Afghanistan

He is married and has three daughters and one son. He is convenient with Dari, Pashto and English he also knows Arabic and French.